You can find high quality translators at Cover People, a creative and dynamic provider of translation and interpreting services to clients in the UK and overseas. Whether you need to translate business, legal, medical, technical, or general documents, Cover People can do a great job for you and guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

Translation is conversion of meaning from one language (the source) to another language (the target). Translation refers to written text, whereas interpretation refers to spoken information.

The purpose of any translation is to convey the original tone and intent of a message, taking into account cultural and regional differences between source and target languages.

At Cover People we believe that your translation should have the same strength and impact in the target language as it does in your source material.

Companies around the world, encompassing a multitude of sectors, missions, and mandates, rely on Cover People to provide translation for content as diverse as product labels, technical documentation, user reviews, promotional materials, annual reports, and much more.

The task of choosing the right Professional Translators can be a lot more difficult than merely picking individuals who are bilingual. Cover People work with translators who are native speakers and have lived and spent some time in the region of the target language. We also ensure that all medical, legal, business, financial and technical documents, which are usually written in a more complex language and contain industry-specific terms, are done by translators with proven professional experience in the relevant industry.

Professionally written translations give your partners or customers a good impression of your company and they can also eliminate the risk of unfavourable consequences, prevent misunderstandings and disputes that can cause you to lose business or even get into trouble with the law.

Other than conveying the message in the source document accurately, the translator also has to produce a translation that is free of spelling, grammatical, and sentence structure errors. In other words, the translated document has to be comparable in quality to an official document that is written in the target language.

All of our translators use sophisticated tools and technologies to accomplish their work, and rely on software applications to simplify and streamline their tasks.

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